Successfully riding the Clouds
Mr. Derksen, what has been the toughest situation that you have had to overcome to be so amazingly successful?
The effort I put into changing my habits has been the greatest Challenge of my life, and the most rewarding. It seems easy to develop bad habits, but a challenge to develop new good ones, and with the help of my friends, I have some awesome habits developed, with more on the way, and I am grateful and thankful for the benefits I have received from the efforts.   Another thing that has blessed me is being able to have the confidence to hold to my principles, and the building of a legacy that blesses the lives I touch.
Awesome, Mr Derksen, but what kind of good habits have your friends helped you with.
Good Question, one habit I had to overcome was procrastination. And I overcame that by repeating “do it now” at least 25 times a day out loud, encouraged by my friends, who did it with me.
And being efficient with the use of the time I have, making the most of it. I had to change my watching TV habits, which I think I did to escape the stress of my life challenges and failures.

I learned to dive right at the problems, immerse myself right in the middle of it, and tap into the unlimited power within to overcome it.
What has brought you the most satisfaction and enjoyment on the path to your success?
The most rewarding thing is to hop on my airplane, and fly somewhere someone needs my help in building their business, or helping my family or helping friends develop habits that will overcome their problems. Sometime I take my new Corvette, and spend a few days with them to do what I can. I love the freedom and the ability financially and mentally to be involved in that.

How does it feel to be, as I have heard it true that you got rid of all your debt in just a few years?

Well, yes it is true that I got on top of things in about 3 and a half years from embarking on the adventure of taking Mark Jenouski’s self improvement class, called Master Key.  My nickname on the class sites is “mover”, so you are talking to Master Key Mover, and man, I am moving like flooring a Ferrari!

So do you take time to smell the roses?

That is part of the abundant life.   Appreciating the wonder of creation.  Apreciating and enjoying my children and grandchildren, having the freedom to schedule time and I mean quality time with my children and Grandchildren.

And, ultimately, as it is tremendously important in being able to weather the trials of life that it seems we all have, I encourage people to make their peace with God, and look at things from an eternal perspective, with a part of us looking back at today from a 1000 years hence.

Thank you Mr. Derksen  you have given me some things to think about!