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Love energy is growing, with Confidence

Are we scared to really show love?   I guess the idea is we can be hurt if we show love.

A friend of mine we in a car accident and his body died and he left.   He went somewhere where the people were full of love, and he experienced 10000 times more love than he could describe in words.   Then someone told him he was to go back to earth.  He didn’t want to go back, but suddenly, there he was in the hospital bed, with them pulling the paddles away from his chest.    So anyway, sounds like we may be going to a place full of Godly love, the best kind.   So, why not let that eternal Godly love flow through us now?

GS tells us to silently say “I love you” with our energy rather than words.   I have experienced how good it works.

O, Yes, my friend Andy, the one who left and came, told me he was way smarter than Einstein, while he was there.


Floating on week 5 with masterkey

Wow, week 5.   More stretching with the writing about my dream place and the interview how I got there.   Burn down the resistance thoughts and go all out for it.  have fun with it.   Kinda like when I was picked by a hypnotist to be a subject.   She said, just play along with what I say, even if you don’t feel like you are hypnotized.   So I did and I felt like a fake, as everybody thought I was hypnotized, because I was doing what she said.  Like touching the top of my head whenever she said a certain word.     Finally I thought this was enough fakery for me, so I got up and went and sat down, but I realized I was at least partly effected, and felt the residual of it.   There is power there, and in this class we are directing our own brain washing in the direction we want, instead of letting other people direct our brain washing.  Or we can put it another way as it does in this bible quote;  And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” (Mark 11:22-24) 

Incremental successes build our faith to move mountains!    But the real answer is not in the power but in the harmony, which is not as dramatic, but a way of life, which brings fullfillment and a sense of well being.    So now, on to writing about my earthly dream place as if I am already there, though keeping it in perspective, our ultimate treasure is in the next world, where there is no deterioration or loss, ever.   Well, I think I will update my DMP first.  🙂


Trepidation, can I really carry through to the end?   Will this really result in plain and marked improvement in my life story?  If I can be disciplined enough to do the exercises, use the “mind wrenches” so to speak, maby it can happen, maybe it will make a difference.   I see enough evidence that this class will make a difference, and whatever habits I gain in these upbeat things will bring me higher.   Sometimes the thought comes, who am I fooling, I am not discaplined enough to really take it to successful conclusion, so it have to take that thought and throw it in a furnace and slam the door.   It is a useless thought that has no redeeming value, for nothing ventured nothing gained.   If I give up, what good does that do?   Even though it is exercising mental muscles not used much, making it a challange, I must move forward, I must try.   I must do my best and expect the best, blocking all negative expectations as useless, as there is nothing to loose by giving it my all.

I had the thought of “Too new agey”.   But as I am a bible student, and look for the reality in it, I can easily see how it fits, though I may have to change a phrase here and there to be comfortable with it.   God is real, and Yeshua said, “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly”.   Abundant life is about  Harmony and Balance.

I have the sure expectation that I am gaining great new upbeat friends and acquaintances, that will add a lot of fun and fulfillment to my life.   Halleluia!!!


I feel a bit over worked.  I have a bit (a lot?) of tendancy to be lazy and put things off till the last minute, but the squeeze is on!    Get er done!   Do it now!    I have a deadline fast approaching to respond to some requests for admissions in a court case, and submit my own.   Then I am taking an online paralegal type class, am involved in preserving, (or restoring) liberty for us and our posterity, am a Senator in the dejure Republic, work full time, and do some ministry, while I am writing a book.   Probably a few things I forgot.   Anyway, onward and forward.   Don’t shy away and avoid!   Immerse right in the middle of the challenge, tap into God’s energy within,  and watch what happens.   If God be for us, who can be against us?

Kudos to Mark and team for the total approach, stimulating our potential from a lot of different angles.   I have done a lot, but could do so much more.  A worker said to me this week,  “you seem different since you started that class thing”.  Didn’t really say how, and when pressed, vacillated, but didn’t say it was in a bad way, so must be in a good way!

Belay the confusion week 2 Master key

I actually missed the live class the week before, and had to work from the notes, as I couldn’t get the videos to play.   That along with my organizational challenges gave me extra motivation to be on the webinar for the second week class.   And wouldn’t you know it, my business of foundation repair is having a very busy fall.  Everyone wants it done before it freezes!

Figuring out the major purpose of my life is thought provoking, and I am kinda unsure of what it actually is.   I have some thoughts about what it should be…., but it seems it is going to take some digging and fermenting to clarify what it is.   How does it relate to the “will of God for my life”?  is a question that arrises.   What is the reality of it in an eternal perspective.  I heard a man say that our main purpose is not about pleasure, but about passion and accomplishment.   Here I’m thinking living on the beach with 3 beauties would be cool.   But would it really satisfy?   What is it that makes us satisfied?  What is it that really beings happiness and joy in our lives?   Seems we have a need to use what we have to accompish things.   To grow spiritually and improve our temporal lives.   The class is definitely is teaching us how to use “brain tools” to get us back into harmony.

I am still having some trouble finding my way around the site.   I  seem to run across things by accident, and then don’t know how I got there.   I seems to take a bit of time for the older mind to catch on to all this digital info.

Do it now!   I have been uttering the phrase in company with men who work with me, and now they are also exclaiming it, mostly as a joke, teasing me a bit, but I think they are feeling good results from it.    Cool.

Week 1 results

I am challanged to make some changes in my habits and thinking.   I have a lot of knowlege on making success happen, but the results have been less than satisfactory.   So I am embarking on this adventure with the other master key movers and shakers.  This class seems to be the real thing.   Many years ago, late 60s’, I became involved in the drugs of the time.   My brain got kinda fried, and I was out in lu lu land for a while.  When I hit bottom hard enough to motivate some change, my family sent me to a “get off the drugs clinic”.  After a couple months, back out in the public, I became involved in an intense Christian youth group.   We were taught things called “brain tools”, one of which we were strongly encouraged to write down 10 upbeat facts of life, and read them out loud 5 times per day.  The effect on my thinking was powerful and has, I believe, changed my life for the better, by having developed habits of thinking that are upbeat.

It is interesting that when I was in the “get off drugs” clinic, the focus of the therapist was on taking the drugs and what was going on in my mind as a result.  Looking at the past and seeing where it had gotten me.   In the youth group, it was all about getting busy doing things, using tools to improve our lives in wholesome and exciting and adventurous ways.   We were given assignments that were challanging and adventourous.   I remember one assignment I was given, was hitchhiking, acting like I was a mute, across Grand Rapids to a cemetary, and finding a certain tombstone, and spending the night next to it.  I had a backpack with a sleeping bag, so it was not too uncomfortable.  I was given a ride by a cop part of the way, and I don’t know if he believed I was a mute, but I assured him I wasn’t speaking in written 3X5 cards, which we always carried.   I remember going through my final repetition of speaking the positive points about midnight, next to Richard Van Dyke’s, (or some similar named) tombstone.

Assignment anyone?

master key mover making it happen

As is obvious, we all can use some fullfilling and growing.   Come to the place where we are happily growing and are in joy about it.

Are we judging ourselves unworthy of the success we want?   We can overcome that!

Jesus said that if we confess, he forgives and cleanses us.   So confess, and accept the forgiveness, be cleansed, and go on to accomplish great things!

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