We have been nurtured, encouraged, and pushed a bit to use powerful tools to  enhance our lives.  To make the most of what we have been given, and to handle adversity with a smile, and more.

I have been one to put off dealing with attacks until the last moment possible, and then scramble to fend them of.  Though I still struggle with it, “do it now” has definitely helped.

And we are reaching the point where we comprehend the principles and can fine tune our use of the practices and mental food, to go in the direction right for us.

I am trying out my wings.   At present I am banged up a bit from hitting some branches on the way to solid ground.  Now I am hiding from the cat until my wings are strong enough for me to soar.

I am consistent, I do it now, I persist,  I love the creation I am, I am succeeding, and though scary at times, I can do it.  And you can too.