As time goes on, and the beginning energy of the class is reduced, the gloomys come and tell you its ok to slack off a bit.   So many things going on, you have it ingrained enough, it is going to carry you through, and such like thoughts have to be dealt with.

Problem is that not using the tools is like falling off a wall.    It don’t feel so good.

I found the thought hidden in the back there somewhere that, “these tools are only for the time of the class, and then I will be able to ease off.”  Now I am seeing this as a way of life, for just like we need food for the body each day, and healthy food if we want to be healthy, we need mental and spiritual food every day if we want to really enjoy life.

I believe I can!   I know I can!       I am!

I was going to put something in here about being exhilarated by the 35 below wind chill the other day here in Wisconsin,  but didn’t get it worked in.   O well, now you know 35 below wind chill is exhilarating!

Looking for and seeing kindness around me, and doing kindness to others is awesome.   It kinda connects us with heaven, I think.