What adventures, successes, epiphanies and over-comings await?

My daughter is doing well, she is working on clarifying her DMP which Don and Leanne have been so kind as to read over and make some suggestions for her.   Your efforts are excellent and greatly appreciated.

How amazing is it to be starting a year interacting with such upbeat people as in this class.   It brings tears to my eyes when I think of all the supportive comments many of you have made.   Sitting back and taking a overview look at what is happening in the MMK class, it is such an uplifting experience.   Good enough to be true! 🙂  ( I was going to say; “almost too good to be true”, but I like the other better.)

Doubts dwell deep within,  the opposite of belief.  Individually we can dig down and pull those deep doubts to the surface, expose them, see them for what they are, and exchange them for genuine Belief that we are changing our blueprint, and will never go back to the old one!   And we can do it on the evidence of the incredible information that Mark and all are putting in front of us, and that we are experiencing.

Do it now, I can be all that I will to be in God’s will.

The light of God that I am a container for, Is welling up to the surface of my life!  And I see it in you all as well!!!!