My 22 year old daughter  moved from our small town in Wisconsin to San Francisco last April.  She is a guitar player and a singer with a lot of talent.  So, she is living in SF working in a coffee shop, and playing at open mike events, writing songs and looking for her purpose.

Apparently, a few weeks ago, she went into a terrible funk, and her roommate called about it.   She had connected up with a drug dealer, and had taken Heroin and Meth once with him, we later found out.

I flew to SF the day after I found out, to find her defensive and protective of her right to choose her life style and protective of her “love” for this “fun to talk to” drug dealer.

Her mother had called her and torn her a new….

which only resulted in her refusing to talk to mom.

I showed her love, and gradually found that she had been bored and despaired of making her music dream come true, and wanted exciting experience, which is why she violated her own principles.

What can I do, what do I say, besides kidnapping her and dragging her back to Wisconsin, which I was ready to do, which may have been bad.

I approached her first by objectively looking at the studies showing the damage drugs do to the brain, a lot of it irreversible, and to the deforming effect on babies in case she would ever have one.   And we looked at the behavior of drug dealers long term.

” If you want that life then you can continue your relationship with the drug dealer, and it is likely that eventually you will be turning tricks to make money for him.   But if you think the fun you had now with him is worth it, then though I want to stop you, it is your choice.”

I learned this type of communication from a wise old man, who did this with his children with success, in getting them to think sensibly.

Then I started talking about how talented she was that that I had been taking a class for success in our life purpose.

I prayed with her every day I was there.

She was receptive, and I suggested she write a DMP, which she did, and I must say her first draft was better than mine.  I adjusted a blueprint for her, and she liked it.   She is now starting on the process.   I encouraged her to watch Marks videos, and I am doing a sub class with her at this point.  If anyone is inclined to email encouragement to her, let me know.

The last day I was there I helped her write a text to the Drug Dealer, breaking it off.

I might add that I also communicated with him directly on my own….

You can imagine what  a serious reality check this is for me.   And I am thankful that I had the Mark J. material to show her, to give her positive direction in life.  I intend to stay in frequent interaction with her and teach her through the exercises and tools.  Please pray that will bring satisfaction and fulfillment for her.   The concept is true that when you teach something, you get a much better grasp yourself.

The devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

Perfect love casts out fear.   And causes the devil to flee.