To step out in 14 degree weather is exhilarating!  The wind blows the nice stimulating ice cold air up under my coat and causes motivation!

I am motivated to make enough money to move to a warmer climate in the winter!

How can I do that?  Become a farmer and plant seeds.    I planted a seed this morning.   I called and set an appointment for this afternoon to show the business to a couple.

We all plant seeds everyday, actually every moment and yes even by the second.   And then we reap the harvest later.

Master key is all about planting good seeds consistently, efficiently and effusively.  The more good seeds we plant, and then, water and fertilize, the better fruit.

We are buying some of the best seed available with Masterkey, and are planting it effusively, in us and around us, until the old life disappears in the prolific plant that grows around us.