My favorite holiday.   All good energy in being thankful and full of gratitude.   Are any of the other holidays as abundantly upbeat and clean?

With all the activity, traveling 7 hours and interacting with people not seen for a while, I decided to take a day off from doing the Master Key tools.

It was a great day of fellowship and amazing food. First the smells of cooking turkey, stuffing, potatoes and beans, built the anticipation that made me want to yell at the cooks, hurry up, lets go!!   And then the dessert table full of fancy Jellos, pumpkin pie, pecan Pie (my favorite) Chocolate cake, right there in front of us all.   But UNTOUCHABLE, with Aunt Rebecca keeping a sharp eye on the kids. (and the big kids like me), whacking any hands that got close. “you will ruin your appetite!”

Finally we prayed our thanks, and then we ate until we were full, and then ate some more as we could find room.

But, with all the fun, something was missing.   I felt a little discombobulated. Couldn’t figure it out, as I wondered what was the matter with me. The thought came, no way it couldn’t be that. But it seemed to make sense as the idea bounced around inside my scull.   In spite of my bulging belly, there was a hole in the day.

The next morning I thought, all warm and comfortable with my head sunk in a pillow, should I take two days off?   What could it hurt?   But the urge came to sit up straight and be still, and focus on the Lord Creator, and what he had for me, and that started my routine.

I found myself chewing on the blueprint and Dmp like I had the turkey the day before.   And the hole was filled!


Well, another thought came, is there some danger in being addicted to feeding on words of good energy?   On things that direct my mind higher?   Things that come to fruition in my actions with better success?   Things that are bringing more autonomy and legacy in my life?

You know, I couldn’t think of a single danger in it.   So bring on the good word food!   I confess, I am an addict to the tools.   They seem to be making me more alive!   Hallelujah, Praise the Lord Jesus!   It is March 1st of 2016, and I am fulfilled!  The more addicted the better!