Grateful for the wonder of Creation

Master Key Mover

Spring is coming

In more ways than one, spring is coming.   New plants bursting forth from the ground, turning the earth from white and brown, to green.  New life in spring.

As we apply the principles of this class, forming uplifting habits of thinking and doing, are we experiencing a type of spring in our lives?

Spring, spring up in our heart of hearts, and connect us more actively to the creator of all, taking the path to peace and prosperity, health and energy, gratitude and love, joy and laughter!

Looking for and finding the opportunity for increase behind the curtains of turmoil and trouble.  Observing trouble in an eternal perspective, realizing that a thousand years from now, all the trouble will have been long resolved.

We have an advocate in the spiritual realm, to help us.  Rejoice in the Lord always, no matter what is in front of us!




We have been nurtured, encouraged, and pushed a bit to use powerful tools to  enhance our lives.  To make the most of what we have been given, and to handle adversity with a smile, and more.

I have been one to put off dealing with attacks until the last moment possible, and then scramble to fend them of.  Though I still struggle with it, “do it now” has definitely helped.

And we are reaching the point where we comprehend the principles and can fine tune our use of the practices and mental food, to go in the direction right for us.

I am trying out my wings.   At present I am banged up a bit from hitting some branches on the way to solid ground.  Now I am hiding from the cat until my wings are strong enough for me to soar.

I am consistent, I do it now, I persist,  I love the creation I am, I am succeeding, and though scary at times, I can do it.  And you can too.


Applying the principles we have learned, I wrote this which I like, and I read it every other day along with or instead of the third scroll.  What do you think?


I persist until I prevail.

Each day there are tests, for controlling my thoughts and deeds, and I continue to press forward, with failures only a temporary lost, and I win the war each day by the end of the day.

I persist until I prevail.

I entered this world in victory, and though the things of life try to beat me down to failing, I am prevailing and overcoming all challenges, as they come.

I persist until I prevail.

Though some successes come quickly and easily, many times the successes come at the end of a struggle.   I enjoy the struggle because I have a firm expectation of the prize at the end.

I persist until I prevail.

At times, I need to shift into low gear, and work towards success incrementally, building my mansion one board at a time. Each single building board is light and easy to install. I continue to grab another board and install it, resisting all distractions and interruptions. My mansion is on schedule for completion.

I persist until I prevail.

I very well comprehend the power of words, such that even Jesus Christ himself is also named; “The Word”. I focus on and use uplifting powerful words, such as, infinite love, gratitude, joy, overcome, charity, godliness, perfection, grace, success, possible, hope, success, and such like words saturate my vocabulary, like a light of godly energy shining out to all I come in contact with.

I persist until I prevail.

I am fine with those who decline my offers, for I know that an appreciation and acceptance of my offers will soon come, for my offers are beneficial and fill needs in many, who appear in my life as I persist. I seek no’s because I know that by the law of averages, soon there comes a yes!

I persist until I prevail.

Each obstacle I encounter on my path, I appreciate for its value in polishing me up to where all obstacles become small in my sight, and their polishing action brightening the light in me.

I persist until I prevail.

When my body is aching and my mind is tired, I get my second wind, and continue, ending each day with victory, which contributes to my abundant life.

I persist until I prevail.

Each day is a lifetime of its own, and I always continue higher, building on yesterday’s successes, and enjoying my time on the planet to its fullest.

I persist, I overcome, I prevail, I succeed, I love!




Exhilarated in January

As time goes on, and the beginning energy of the class is reduced, the gloomys come and tell you its ok to slack off a bit.   So many things going on, you have it ingrained enough, it is going to carry you through, and such like thoughts have to be dealt with.

Problem is that not using the tools is like falling off a wall.    It don’t feel so good.

I found the thought hidden in the back there somewhere that, “these tools are only for the time of the class, and then I will be able to ease off.”  Now I am seeing this as a way of life, for just like we need food for the body each day, and healthy food if we want to be healthy, we need mental and spiritual food every day if we want to really enjoy life.

I believe I can!   I know I can!       I am!

I was going to put something in here about being exhilarated by the 35 below wind chill the other day here in Wisconsin,  but didn’t get it worked in.   O well, now you know 35 below wind chill is exhilarating!

Looking for and seeing kindness around me, and doing kindness to others is awesome.   It kinda connects us with heaven, I think.


What adventures, successes, epiphanies and over-comings await?

My daughter is doing well, she is working on clarifying her DMP which Don and Leanne have been so kind as to read over and make some suggestions for her.   Your efforts are excellent and greatly appreciated.

How amazing is it to be starting a year interacting with such upbeat people as in this class.   It brings tears to my eyes when I think of all the supportive comments many of you have made.   Sitting back and taking a overview look at what is happening in the MMK class, it is such an uplifting experience.   Good enough to be true! 🙂  ( I was going to say; “almost too good to be true”, but I like the other better.)

Doubts dwell deep within,  the opposite of belief.  Individually we can dig down and pull those deep doubts to the surface, expose them, see them for what they are, and exchange them for genuine Belief that we are changing our blueprint, and will never go back to the old one!   And we can do it on the evidence of the incredible information that Mark and all are putting in front of us, and that we are experiencing.

Do it now, I can be all that I will to be in God’s will.

The light of God that I am a container for, Is welling up to the surface of my life!  And I see it in you all as well!!!!





Hope of Good Fruits

My 22 year old daughter  moved from our small town in Wisconsin to San Francisco last April.  She is a guitar player and a singer with a lot of talent.  So, she is living in SF working in a coffee shop, and playing at open mike events, writing songs and looking for her purpose.

Apparently, a few weeks ago, she went into a terrible funk, and her roommate called about it.   She had connected up with a drug dealer, and had taken Heroin and Meth once with him, we later found out.

I flew to SF the day after I found out, to find her defensive and protective of her right to choose her life style and protective of her “love” for this “fun to talk to” drug dealer.

Her mother had called her and torn her a new….

which only resulted in her refusing to talk to mom.

I showed her love, and gradually found that she had been bored and despaired of making her music dream come true, and wanted exciting experience, which is why she violated her own principles.

What can I do, what do I say, besides kidnapping her and dragging her back to Wisconsin, which I was ready to do, which may have been bad.

I approached her first by objectively looking at the studies showing the damage drugs do to the brain, a lot of it irreversible, and to the deforming effect on babies in case she would ever have one.   And we looked at the behavior of drug dealers long term.

” If you want that life then you can continue your relationship with the drug dealer, and it is likely that eventually you will be turning tricks to make money for him.   But if you think the fun you had now with him is worth it, then though I want to stop you, it is your choice.”

I learned this type of communication from a wise old man, who did this with his children with success, in getting them to think sensibly.

Then I started talking about how talented she was that that I had been taking a class for success in our life purpose.

I prayed with her every day I was there.

She was receptive, and I suggested she write a DMP, which she did, and I must say her first draft was better than mine.  I adjusted a blueprint for her, and she liked it.   She is now starting on the process.   I encouraged her to watch Marks videos, and I am doing a sub class with her at this point.  If anyone is inclined to email encouragement to her, let me know.

The last day I was there I helped her write a text to the Drug Dealer, breaking it off.

I might add that I also communicated with him directly on my own….

You can imagine what  a serious reality check this is for me.   And I am thankful that I had the Mark J. material to show her, to give her positive direction in life.  I intend to stay in frequent interaction with her and teach her through the exercises and tools.  Please pray that will bring satisfaction and fulfillment for her.   The concept is true that when you teach something, you get a much better grasp yourself.

The devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

Perfect love casts out fear.   And causes the devil to flee.










Cool weather is cool

To step out in 14 degree weather is exhilarating!  The wind blows the nice stimulating ice cold air up under my coat and causes motivation!

I am motivated to make enough money to move to a warmer climate in the winter!

How can I do that?  Become a farmer and plant seeds.    I planted a seed this morning.   I called and set an appointment for this afternoon to show the business to a couple.

We all plant seeds everyday, actually every moment and yes even by the second.   And then we reap the harvest later.

Master key is all about planting good seeds consistently, efficiently and effusively.  The more good seeds we plant, and then, water and fertilize, the better fruit.

We are buying some of the best seed available with Masterkey, and are planting it effusively, in us and around us, until the old life disappears in the prolific plant that grows around us.


I had a problem getting connected with the Mater key class at first and so I started out a week or two late.   So I have been playing catchup a while, but HEY, my DMP got the OK from my Mentors.   Not one correction recommendation, when I had wondered if I could ever get it right.   I lost count of how many times I sent it in eagerly thinking my great mind had it right this time, only to be laid low by the blows.   But I think I get the idea now.   Simplify, present tense possession, only upbeat. Some color, and autonomy and legacy for me!

The break week is great, we can focus and get the things done.   Do it now, do it now, oww, do it now, so I can be, all that I desire to be, fully inner me.



My favorite holiday.   All good energy in being thankful and full of gratitude.   Are any of the other holidays as abundantly upbeat and clean?

With all the activity, traveling 7 hours and interacting with people not seen for a while, I decided to take a day off from doing the Master Key tools.

It was a great day of fellowship and amazing food. First the smells of cooking turkey, stuffing, potatoes and beans, built the anticipation that made me want to yell at the cooks, hurry up, lets go!!   And then the dessert table full of fancy Jellos, pumpkin pie, pecan Pie (my favorite) Chocolate cake, right there in front of us all.   But UNTOUCHABLE, with Aunt Rebecca keeping a sharp eye on the kids. (and the big kids like me), whacking any hands that got close. “you will ruin your appetite!”

Finally we prayed our thanks, and then we ate until we were full, and then ate some more as we could find room.

But, with all the fun, something was missing.   I felt a little discombobulated. Couldn’t figure it out, as I wondered what was the matter with me. The thought came, no way it couldn’t be that. But it seemed to make sense as the idea bounced around inside my scull.   In spite of my bulging belly, there was a hole in the day.

The next morning I thought, all warm and comfortable with my head sunk in a pillow, should I take two days off?   What could it hurt?   But the urge came to sit up straight and be still, and focus on the Lord Creator, and what he had for me, and that started my routine.

I found myself chewing on the blueprint and Dmp like I had the turkey the day before.   And the hole was filled!


Well, another thought came, is there some danger in being addicted to feeding on words of good energy?   On things that direct my mind higher?   Things that come to fruition in my actions with better success?   Things that are bringing more autonomy and legacy in my life?

You know, I couldn’t think of a single danger in it.   So bring on the good word food!   I confess, I am an addict to the tools.   They seem to be making me more alive!   Hallelujah, Praise the Lord Jesus!   It is March 1st of 2016, and I am fulfilled!  The more addicted the better!

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